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Over the recent years, the Polish economy has undergone significant changes. It was the solid performance of Polish enterprises in the time of the economic downturn that resulted in the improvement of their reputation abroad and themselves becoming serious players in international markets. Industry sectors such as manufacturing, IT, aviation, fast-moving consumer goods or chemicals have today attained a key status while creating expansion opportunities for Polish enterprises through greenfield development projects, M&A, strategic joint-venture projects as well as contract-based cooperation.  

Apart from international investors in Poland, also Polish enterprises must meet various challenges which are inherent in foreign expansion. In such cases, our many years' experience with foreign companies allows us to effectively restructure and optimise Polish enterprises as well as contribute to business internationalisation projects. Also our direct contact with industry sectors and private-equity investors helps our Clients find partners for high profile international projects.  

We offer services including the following:  

  • Analysis and assessment of the investment in mind with its legal and business aspects;
  • Strategic analyses and audits of (360) enterprises;
  • Development of business plans and market entry strategies;
  • Obtaining funding and foreign investors;
  • Comprehensive legal handling of the investment and transaction process;
  • Market analyses and feasibility studies;
  • Consultancy in the area of selection of the optimal form of taxation;
  • Comprehensive support in acquisition and development of property;
  • Support for investors in the area of raising funds for the undertaking;
  • Ongoing legal, tax, accounts as well as HR and payroll services;
  • Supervision over correctness of tax settlements and account books;
  • Administrative services as part of Shared Service.  

Optimisation and internationalisation is a key matter for Polish enterprises' success. Therefore, you are welcome to entrust these tasks to those who already co-operate with globally successful businesses and are capable of tailoring the highest standards to your needs as well as implementing them in your enterprise.

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