Living values beside business

Our Responsibility

Invest in Wroclaw

As an official partner of the city of Wrocław and PAIiIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency), we initiated a project thanks to which the Wrocław Region will assume a more robust and business-friendly form of support for the economy and direct foreign investments. The project will also make it possible for companies in operation to express their expectations about their future business location.

While developing the project, we drew on our many years' experience in handling investment projects, so that we could focus of the factors which, from the perspective of an enterprise, are the most significant ones to the decision making process with regard to selection business location. The distinctive features of the platform, which we are creating with the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, will be proactive communication, access to detailed market and industry-related data as well as knowledge pertaining to labour and real estate markets.

In this way, we hope to better ourselves in meeting demanding investors' needs in the future.  

Krzyżowa Foundation

Together with the Krzyżowa Foundation, we strive to discover new ways in building up international agreement. In order to increase the Foundation's effectiveness, together with its management we developed and implemented the Pro Bono system, thanks to which companies and individuals may actively support its work.

The Krzyżowa Foundation's goal is to promote Europe's nations’, societies’ and individuals’ coexistence, based on mutual respect and peaceful, which is attained through continual meetings of young people hailing from different countries. In this field, the Krzyżowa Foundation is an international paragon.

The care of the Foundation's Pro Bono system has been entrusted to prof. Władysław Bartoszewski, the Prime Minister's plenipotentiary for international dialogue.

For more information, please visit Fundacja Krzyżowa.